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With a very high energy saving rate in comparison to the traditional incandescent and fluorescent lights, LEDs have the capability to transform the world.


Longer lifespan, energy efficiency, direction lighting, low heat radiation, low maintenance, usage of very low voltage, no UV emission and fit for extreme weather conditions – are some of the many benefits that LEDs bring along. Additionally, LEDs do not release any harmful substances such as mercury and sulfur, making them further safe for the environment. The little heat that LEDs generate gets dissipated rendering them ideal for heat-sensitive areas such as galleries or museums where art needs to be highlighted without running the risk of damage to colors or materials. The moment you decide to buy LED lights, know that it’s a long-term investment. One of the easiest ways to gauge their efficiency is the lower energy bills that lead to great savings. This myriad of features allows LEDs to unarguably change the future of lighting around the globe.


Our products are designed and built to last. With most of our lights lasting for 20,000-100,000 hours, the need to replace drastically reduces. The same can’t be argued for CFLs and Incandescent lights.

Emission Control

Our products, not only help save energy but also use less of it to be manufactured, leading to a reduced carbon footprint. The efficient fixtures go a long way to save energy bills and pollution caused to generate it. Our Reuse-Reduce-Recycle policy has diverted a major chunk of our wastes from incineration, further adding to the cause.


We are dedicated to minimizing waste and disposing them safely. Apart from responsibly getting rid of our manufacturing wastes, we make sure that most of the materials are recycled and reused wherever it is economically feasible. This allows us to consume less virgin raw materials, thereby reducing landfills.

Water Usage

The recent concerns of water quality and its scarcity, have made us develop effective water management techniques to curb its wastage. Its urgency has motivated us to install water recycling and stormwater systems to utilize rainwater in most of our manufacturing setups.

Energy Efficiency

LEDs use less power and produce more light for the power used. 200 lumens/watt is a reality now.

Long-lasting: LED’s can have 30 times longer lifespan than incandescent and 3-5 times longer lifespan than sodium bulbs.

No sudden failure: Lumen output tends to depreciate over time rather than failing catastrophically so you have plenty of time too.

Build Quality

Rugged: No filament to break; can be used in vehicles and mobile applications/environments that are subject to vibration

Compact size for design and installation flexibility

Instant turn-on & off

Infinitely controllable and dimmable: Allowing for accurate, appropriate lighting effects, energy savings and compensation for lumen depreciation..

Environmental Impact

Minimal UV output: Suitable for art galleries and museums, without UV damage to exhibits.

Low infrared output means low radiated heat

The lack of UV and IR radiation renders LEDs unattractive to nocturnally active insects

Acoustically silent operation; Unobtrusive presence in intimate settings

Sustainability Goals

IKIO’s LED lighting systems are created with energy efficiency and sustainability in mind. It has been our sustained mission to provide efficient, ingenious and high quality LED lighting solutions through consistent collaboration and innovation.

As a company our end goal is to contribute towards energy conservation. We aim to reduce the carbon footprint of the world by 20-30% by 2030 and we believe the LED lighting industry has a huge potential in doing so. In this endeavor we constantly work on new technologies and products that can surpass the current energy saving standards.

We continue to keep our focus on creating innovative technologies to bring sustainable products for the market because we here at IKIO understand that savings on energy also mean fewer greenhouse gases and more money in your pocket. We recognize the future environmental and economic impacts that would be brought about by climate change and increasing energy demands in the upcoming future. Hence, we strive to reduce emissions and enhance energy efficiency at all our IKIO sites.

Since our R&D team is constantly dedicated to advance and upgrade our technology, our lighting systems are produced in an efficient and sustainable way. These production processes mean less material is needed to manufacture the same product, which in turn leads to reduction in the system cost and the amount of leftovers that needs to be recycled or thrown away as waste.

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